Dark Matter Chocolate Laboratory

Fine Artisan Chocolates in Classic and Exotic Flavors

Custom Orders

We specialize in custom orders. Any of our standard flavors can be made for a custom order, or ask about creating the flavor of your dreams. We are happy to accomodate special dietary needs. If you have any questions about your custom order idea, please e-mail orders@darkmatterchocolatelaboratory.com.

Minimum order size for standard products

Truffles and Creams60
Bars 6 2 oz. bars
Dice 6 sets or 45 loose dice

Order Time

  • Dark Matter Chocolate Laboratory has only one part-time chocolatier. To ensure that her schedule can accomodate your order, please inquire as soon as you have information.
  • Custom truffle orders should be placed at least one month before your delivery date, although flavors that do not require unusual ingredients can be finalized closer to the date.
  • Custom bar orders from the standard flavor set should be placed at least two weeks before the delivery date.
  • Decorations or custom molds may require additional preparation time; see the Custom Shapes and Colors and Decorations sections for details.
  • Particularly large orders may also require additional preparation time.


A 2 oz chocolate bar with a few inexpensive ingredients (small quantities of inexpensive spices, raisins, coconut, etc) costs $5. More expensive ingredients will raise the cost of the bar; so far, our most expensive bars have been $6 apiece.

Most standard truffle flavors cost $1.00 apiece for a hand-rolled truffle a little over 1 inch in diameter. Molded truffles are being added to our repertoire, but prices vary. Flavors with unusual extra ingredients, such as the Wintry Mix truffle, cost a little more---please inquire if you are interested.

Decorations or custom molds may add to the price; see the Custom Shapes and Colors and Decorations sections for details.

Custom Shapes

If you're looking for chocolates in a special shape, any of our bar flavors can be made as a molded chocolate. Commercial molds are available in most shapes. The cost for molded flat chocolates will be approximately the same as the cost for a similar weight of bars, plus the cost of the special mold. For highly unusual shapes, a custom mold can be created from a master object; you may need to provide the original, and an additional cost for labor and materials will apply.

Colors can be added to your molded chocolates with luster dusts or hand-painting, but an additional charge will apply depending on the color, color technique, and number of pieces. Please inquire for details.

Some molded shapes can be filled with truffle center (ganache), fruit cream center, caramel, etc. If your mold allows for filled chocolates, any filling or flavor can be used.

Allow at least one month, and preferably one and a half, before your delivery date so that special molds to be ordered. Custom-made molds may take longer.

Currently Stocked Molds

  • Polyhedral Dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, percentile d10, d12, d20): $1 each or $10/set
  • British Police Box (5 oz): $12 unpainted, $15 custom-painted
  • Swirl-topped (solid chocolate), ~ 1/4 oz each
  • Hemisphere (filled chocolate)
  • Lego brick (solid chocolate), ~ 1/2 oz each
  • 2 oz chocolate break-apart bar (solid chocolate)
  • 8 oz chocolate bar (solid chocolate)
  • Minifigs (solid chocolate), ~ 1/4 oz each $0.50 each
  • Meeples (solid chocolate), ~ 1/4 oz each $0.50 each

Colors and Decorations

Looking for visually distinctive chocolates? We can provide custom decorations for your chocolates in several ways.
Candy Melt
Candy melt, or candy coating, is a substance with the approximate consistency of chocolate. It is much less sensitive to temperature changes than normal chocolate, and can be worked in smaller batches. It can be colored a variety of shades and applied to your chocolate in dots or drizzles. This is the method we usually use for indicating truffle flavors, and will not add to the cost of your truffle order. It is not suitable for decorating bars
Luster Dust
Luster dust is a fine, glittery food-safe powder. It comes in a variety of colors, and can be applied to the outside of your truffles or molded chocolates for a shimmering, metallic effect. Luster dust itself costs about $3 per color, and labor for applying it to a 100-truffle batch averages $20. We stock gold luster dust; other colors may need to be special ordered. Allow at least a month before your delivery date for non-gold colors.
Colored Cocoa Butter
Colored cocoa butter is exactly what it sounds like; cocoa butter with food-safe color mixed in. A thin layer of colored cocoa butter acts as a kind of chocolate paint, without changing the flavor of your item. Colored cocoa butter is available in pretty much every color you can imagine, in both basic and pearlescent shades. It is only suitable for molded items, but can be applied in a variety of styles. Can be combined with luster dust. Prices will vary depending on the size of the item and the detail of painting required, please inquire. We stock a small selection of basic colors, but please inquire at least a month before the delivery date to ensure that we have what you're looking for or allow for special order.
Edible Gold Flakes
Edible gold flakes can be sprinkled on your truffles or the outside of your molded chocolates. Price will vary. Please allow at least a month before delivery for special order.
Other Decorations
Don't see the effect you're looking for? A variety of other decorative options can be arranged. Truffles can be topped with nuts, candied flowers, and spices. Transfer sheets can be used for chocolate decorations and some molded items. If the internet will sell it, we're happy to consider it. Just ask!

Custom Packaging

Looking for wedding favors or special gift boxes? We can arrange for a variety of boxes, ribbons, bags, and ties. Prices will vary based on the product chosen and the amount of assembly required. Please inquire at least a month and a half before your delivery date.

Candy bars are normally wrapped in gold foil with a flavor label, but can be packaged in cellophane bags instead, with label on front or back. (If you want decorative colors on your candy bars, this is probably your best option.)

We normally stock two-piece white candy boxes in 5-piece sampler, 1/2 lb, and 1 lb size, which come with curling ribbon in up to three colors. Curling ribbon is stocked in red, green, blue, yellow, gold, and silver. Colored boxes or different sizes can be special-ordered.

We also have cellophane bags for bar or truffle combinations. Gold and silver ties are available for bags, as well as the standard curling ribbon.

If you are placing a large order using our standard materials, please inquire in advance to ensure that enough is on hand.