Dark Matter Chocolate Laboratory

Fine Artisan Chocolates in Classic and Exotic Flavors

Frequently Asked Questions

I have allergies or dietary restrictions. Can you accomodate them?

That depends on how strictly you need to be accomodated. Our facility handles milk, tree nuts, peanuts, and gluten-containing products. We cannot guarantee that our equipment is totally free of contact with any allergen.

We can, however, ensure that any particular batch of chocolate did not come into direct contact with the contaminant in question. If your allergy is sufficiently mild that washing the equipment between uses will eliminate the problem -- even if it requires multiple cleanings -- we're happy to accomodate your needs for custom orders.

We've also developed a dairy-free truffle recipe that meets our high standards, so vegan, dairy-free truffles are available.

Can you make kosher chocolates?

It depends on how strictly you're practicing. Our kitchen is not kosher, and we can't reasonably change that. All of our equipment is used for dairy, although we have many dairy-free recipes. However, we do not ever make meat (such as bacon) chocolates, and our equipment is never used for meat.

What brand of chocolate do you use?

We use Guittard couverture in all of our standard recipes.